Dr. Quyen
Nguyen DDS

Growing up, Dr. Nguyen always knew that she wanted to help people, and she thought that medicine was the right path for her. After ​experiencing the stress and trauma of a hospital environment ​at a young age​, she started exploring other options. It wasn’t until college when she found her calling: dentistry. ​During her freshman year of college, Dr. Nguyen was accepted into the dental early admission program at the University of Texas at San Antonio. When ​she shadowed and worked for a dentist, ​she ​knew within the first month that dentistry was the path for her.

In May of 2012, Dr. Nguyen earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery from ​the University of Texas at ​ San Antonio Dental School. Since she began practicing dentistry, Dr. Nguyen has been relishing in the opportunity to educate and communicate with patients about prevention and taking care of their oral health. She feels blessed that she gets to meet people from all walks of life on a daily basis and is driven to continue providing the best care possible to all of her patients.

At The Tooth Inc., ​Dr. Nguyen’s goal is to​ provide unparalleled comprehensive dental care using the most advanced materials and the latest technology. However, The Tooth Inc. isn’t just a place where people come for superior compassionate dental care, but ​it is a​ place where patients can come and feel listened to, cared for, and respected. By listening closely to the needs of each of her patients, Dr. Nguyen is able to address her patients’ concerns, offer personalized education, and develop a treatment plan that helps meet their needs and wants.

Dr. Nguyen strives to create a stress-free environment for all of her patients. By offering spa-like amenities and bringing her therapy dog named Niko with her, she crafts an environment that reflects the mission of her practice. In addition to providing exceptional care to each patient, she is committed to finding a way to make sure that the underserved get the necessary dental care and dental education they need to achieve long-term oral wellness.

As a Texas native and the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, Dr. Nguyen is a lover of travel and adventure. Wellness is not only a part of Dr. Nguyen’s practice philosophy, but it is a part of who she is, always seizing the opportunity to go running, hiking, biking, and play sand and indoor volleyball. Wellness and community are the cornerstones of The Tooth Inc. and Dr. Nguyen’s philosophy.

I have the honor to come across incredible people, and learning about their background and culture is truly the most fulfilling aspect of being a dentist.
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