Pediatric Dentistry, TX

Why finding
the right dentist is crucial?

Finding a dentist that your child is comfortable with is crucial to fostering long-term oral health habits.

At The Tooth Inc., we are dedicated to all of our patients, and we try to inspire our young patients to take ownership of their oral health and feel empowered about it.Making healthy choices starts when we’re young, and by instilling in them the need for healthy choices and oral health habits, we hope to create positive memories that foster a life-long appreciation of dental care.

The treatment process

Why you should choose The Tooth Inc.

Although we are not technically a pediatric dental practice, we understand how easy it is for one poor experience to turn into a fear of the dentist. Dr. Nguyen and her compassionate staff at The Tooth Inc. are committed to giving your children a positive experience and to meet them where they are. Additionally, we never recommend treatments that your child doesn’t truly need.

The Tooth Inc. is a dental practice where your whole family can receive the care you need all in one place!

Ready to take the next step in your child’s dental health journey? Call Dr. Nguyen at The Tooth Inc. today at (512) 593-1874 or request an appointment online.

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