Mouthguards in Austin, TX

What is
a mouthguard?

A mouthguard in an oral appliance that is designed to protect your teeth from dental trauma. Mouthguards are typically for people who play sports, particularly contact sports.

Nightguards, on the other hand, are like mouthguards but are instead used to protect your teeth from the impact caused by grinding or clenching your teeth during sleep.

The treatment process

Why would I need a mouthguard?

The primary reason you would need a mouthguard is if you are involved in sports. Using a mouthguard is essential in helping to protect against dental trauma and prevent costly dental procedures. Dr. Nguyen will be able to work with you to develop a custom-made mouthguard that will work best for you or your child.

If you grind or clench your teeth during sleep, then you need a mouthguard. Additionally, if you have TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), you should have a custom-made nightguard.

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Head, neck, or facial pain
  • Tight jaw muscles
  • Poor sleep

While you can go to the store and get a boil-and-bite mouthguard, the best way to truly protect your teeth is by getting a custom-made mouthguard from your dentist.

If you or your child play contact sports or are grinding or clenching your teeth, you should call your Austin dentist, Dr. Nguyen, today about getting your own custom-made mouthguard or nightguard.

Dr. Nguyen will take impressions of your teeth to make a mouthguard or nightguard that is fitted to you specifically. If your mouthguard or nightguard is uncomfortable, say something. Dr. Nguyen will work closely with you to make sure that your nightguard is comfortable and will help effectively protect your teeth.

If you need a mouthguard or nightguard, don’t wait any longer to protect your teeth. Call Dr. Nguyen at The Tooth Inc. today at (512) 593-1874 or request an appointment online to start protecting your teeth today!

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