Niko Nguyen

Nothing makes your trip to the dentist more enjoyable than the company of a therapy dog!

Niko is a therapy dog at The Tooth Inc., and he loves his job in the office. He is a calm, social, and lovable 6-year-old Maltipoo who just wants to cuddle with people. Niko is always happy to see patients and give love at every opportunity. When he’s not spending time with patients who request him, Niko works in the back office.

Niko is dedicated to enhancing your dental experience, decreasing anxiety about your procedure, and giving you the best company 4 paws can provide. He can’t wait to get to work!

Why request Niko?

Aside from the fact that Niko is a big lover, there are a few scientific reasons to enjoy Niko’s company during your next appointment:

  • Reduce anxiety, depression
  • Improve moods in patients and self-esteem
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Reduce stress
  • Encourage positive interactions with staff and doctor

While scientific research is still being conducted about the physiological effects of a therapy dog, there is mounting evidence to support the benefits. If you have any other questions, ask us during your next appointment. We would love to talk to you about Niko’s job!

At The Tooth Inc., we know that not all people are dog lovers or that some patients can be allergic or have a fear of dogs. Unless you request his presence, you will not see Niko.

While Niko is sweet, calm, and hypoallergenic, we respect all of our patients. No one will see Niko without requesting his company.

If you want to see Niko during your next visit, just let us know. We know he can’t wait to meet you!

Breed: Maltipoo

Age: 6 years

Personality: Calm, sweet, social, loves attention and affection from all dogs and humans.

Hobbies: foodie, loves to cuddle, and likes long walks along the boardwalk and lake Austin trails

*Niko is not a service or assistance dog

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